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Thanksgiving 2017

This Thanksgiving was the BEST. Here is why-

-I made a promise to myself I would not stress over anything and I kept it!

-We started at 3pm versus lunch time as previous times. This gave me more time to do everything.

-I gave into my husband’s gentle nodding that I suck at making Turkey and should just do Pork instead. I made his favorite a traditional Puerto Rican Style Pernil and he loved it. Here is the recipe that I used. The only thing I added was squeezing some oranges on the top after it marinated for a day.

The Instant Pot this year was the BEST! The macaroni and cheese done is 7 minutes, the pioneer woman mashed potatoes start to finish in 30 minutes. I mean…this…where has this been all my life?! I was then just able to focus on the Pernil, smoked ham, and glazed ham (I was over cooked) and the Arroz con Gandules.

-Of course, great company and fun games. I laughed so hard, I was crying! That’s the best part of Thanksgiving….and the homemade desserts..that’s the perfect combo.

-The weather was perfect. Nice enough for us ladies to have a cup of coffee in the backyard after games while the children played until the Sprinklers came on! ha.

nn 063.jpg

nn 065.jpg

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Now who has their tree up already?

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