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Love the Home You Have #20- Music To Your Soul

Today we are talking about adding a soundtrack to your home. Have different playlist for relaxing, for celebrating, for entertaining, for cleaning etc.  What would your home soundtrack be?

See my answers below.

So #1- What is often playing in my home or on our car rides, is this hymn playlist.  

The goal for our family is to only be filled with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. I can’t stand contemporary Christian music. I’d rather hear something a little more worldly then want to be spiritual songs that are anemic of any real doctrine.

So with that said sometimes I don’t make it our 3 days awa from the camp. Sometimes I still struggle with my old familiar soundtracks and want to be back in Egypt or back in the camp for a day…#real talk here. lol

I don’t think they are too bad though compared to what horrible music is being produced today.

My cleaning soundtrack is centered around band/orchestra music. No words, just instrumental. This is my all time favorite song, as heard in the video above. Without a doubt, every time this is on we all start dancing and swinging each other around. The baby goes crazy happy 🙂 So this is one soundtrack of our home.

My Celebration or super happy good mood song is a bit more worldly! lol If you hear this song playing in my house, you know mom is in a great mood and you can ask her anything at this point and pretty much get a yes. Ha!

Even though I don’t like the beliefs of this next artist, this one song is one you will find me singing to one of my babies in the hammock outside on a lovely day if they are not feeling very well or need a little extra mom love. It always soothes them.

Oh and of course, THIS is definitely our family theme song, even though we don’t have 2 cats because my husband is allergic. HA!

What about you? Let me know in the comments below!



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