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Digital Mom Series #6- Find Your People

This installment of the digital mom series focuses on finding your “tribe” which just means the people you want to connect with.

Here are the tips to go along with the video.

  1. Keep posting videos, even if you don’t have a lot of followers right now. When you do, they will stick around thanks to all the awesome content you have already produced and they have videos to catch up on.
  2. To have fans, you need to be a fan first. Find content creators in the same group, that you can connect with and interact online. In the video I explain the difference between being spammy and offering something of value that will have people come back to your channel.
  3. Contact creators of other social media channels and see if they will let you guest post for them. Often they enjoy the break and you get to plug yourself in the end, win-win.

Lastly some questions to keep in mind:

  1. Who are you looking to connect with? Locals, or a specific group online? Your approach would be very different for either.
  2. when you reach out to other bloggers/vloggers, are you looking just for friendship, or a mentor, or just a business partner. Once you know this, you know how to approach the other person more effectively.

I hope this series is helpful to you, make sure you subscribe for more!



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