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Finding the Books for the Robinson Curriculum- Print, Library, Open Source, and C.D’s

Hello friends!

I am back with a homeschooling video. My daughter started a new book today, and unlike all the previous books, this one was HARD to find! I thought I would show you my process of how I finally get the  book into my daughter’s hand.

I have a Plan A, which is buying the book in print to have for her and the others. Then I also have a plan B,C, and even D! I will share them with you here and also the video will give you a much better visual guide.

Plan A- To buy the book. If I can find it in person somewhere, great! However, more than likely I am checking Amazon and Ebay. Normally I can find a copy on eBay for $5 or a reprint on Amazon for $12.

Plan B- If that doesn’t work, I look to borrow the book from the library. I check my library and then if it doesn’t have it, I check  and request the book be sent to my local library. (I was able to find it this way for the book mentioned in the video)

Plan C- Is to pull up the book online to read on my laptop. My favorite website to check it if it is available for free online, it is usually there. You could also google the book title with the word FREE ONLINE to pull it up on all open source sites.

Plan D- If all else fails is I print the book from the Robinson CD’s. Actually I found out this time, I really don’t mind it because it prints in nice and big type. The illustrations are still beautiful, although they will use up a lot of ink!

Here is the video on my process above.

For more information on the Robinsons Curriculum, Click HERE.


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