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Family Meetings, Allowance, Buddy System and More- How I Keep it All Together with 6 Kids (10 and Under)

Today I wanted to share with you how I keep it all together with 6 kids ages 10 and under. If you ever wondered how I have time to do everything I do, this video might give explain it a little. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and there is time for anything important to us, if we plan for it.

Growing up my mother did everything for us. It was just me and my brother and we went to public school. I started out my mothering career in the same way, trying to do everything and I quickly was overwhlemed and burned out. One of my big wake up calls was when I was in the hospital for a weekend and my family had to go on without me. Nobody even knew where the pijamas were located! I realized the huge flaw in my system. I was not being an all-star mother by doing everything and throwing the kids a couple of bones so they could feel like they were helping.

Slowely but surely, (and admitedly a little painful for me because I do not like to admit I was failing at this) we worked toward a new system where odly..I was outsourcing myself out of a job…just a little. There will always be things that only mom can do.

When you are working out in the world, your goal  is to make others feel you are irreplacable in a world where people are disposable. You take on as much as you can to show your worth to others. When you are a stay at home mother, you must change gears and understand the given is that you are irreplacable and will never be fired. Now your job is to supervise and train the have been promoted! I realize this is unpopular today but do you want your child to learn to be self sufficient? It doesn’t magically happen at the age of 18 with no prior training. By that time habits are already deeply ingrained.

In this video I will explain:

– My KEY Monday Morning Family Meetings

This is where I assign new budies, assign lunch duties, offer extra chore jobs for more money, and go over the new van seeting chart.

-My Buddy System

Each older kid is a ssigned a buddy. They help them get ready in the morning, get ready to leave the house, get situated in the car and help to get ready for bed.

-My Van Seating Chart

With 3 rows in our vehicle, each pair of buddies get their own row.

-Kids Chores/Allowences/Family Banking System

Every week, each child gets a sheet of paper with all their tasks and chores to be checked off. They really enjoy the checking off part. On top of the paper we write extra money due to them for completing bigger chores. The pay out is on Sunday and we settle accounts.

-Extra Bonus Chores

I pull those jobs from HERE.

-Lunch Planning

The week prior I shop for items in the easy lunches printout I have. (I got this one from a teen cooking class at our local libary). On Monday I let everyone know who is making lunches that week and what they are going to be.

My Routine in General

My Routine HERE.

Lots of information here, I hope you will find something of use.

My Cleaning Schedule and here I pull Bonus Chores From.

What are some tips you have on how to run  a household smoothly? Let me know in the comments below!



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One thought on “Family Meetings, Allowance, Buddy System and More- How I Keep it All Together with 6 Kids (10 and Under)

  1. You run an awesome ship mama! Wow!! 🤩 I’m sure you are so proud of your kids for learning the ropes like this. Wonderful ideas.


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