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January Readathon Day 1

newish 010.JPG

We are off to a great start here!

In the morning we all read the old testament portion of the Bible together. After that I gave each big kid the Bible reading chart from our church and instructed them they are to read the new testament portion of their chart on their own and check it off before they continue on in the day.

Shout out to all the people reading Genesis 1 today!

The black coffee is just to make Linda T. laugh. I did try to drink it this way this a.m but after clutching the kitchen counter and gagging, I made a beeline to the fridge.

newish 037

These are some of the books the kids read to me. The little ones who can’t read, pretended to be reading the story to me, making up the words to go along with the pictures. It was sweet. The only book not pictured from the Tablet was the Life of George Washington. Wow, did he have to go through a-lot!

newish 047.JPG

I did my portion of the NT in the month of January, during nap time. I listened to half on audio while putting away laundry and then read the rest during the last 20 min of quiet time just in time before Sophie woke up.

Some things that made the day go smoother was I made oatmeal the night before in the instant pot so it was ready for us in the a.m. I also put everything in the bread machine before I went to bed, and we woke up to a nice smelling house with fresh bread.

I finished an ebook on how to be a successful copyrighter. I don’t know though, I failed a writting test recently. Ha!

How was your day 1?


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One thought on “January Readathon Day 1

  1. Day 1 I read my first 9 chapters of Matthew. Yay! The children didn’t read out loud because we have colds with coughing. Instead, I had each read quietly day 1 of a yearly bible. The goal is to have them read the whole bible by the end of the year.
    P.S. I knew you weren’t going to like coffee black! Lol!


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