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Today I LIVED!

Today was..logistically challenging. I can honestly say though, thanks to the books I have been reading, I was able to really manage it well. I will explain.

Sometimes when you make plans in theory they sound good, but what it looks like when it plays out for a family of 8, can be a different ballgame.

Today was the inspection of our house, as well as on the new house. The one on our house ran late so we had to divide and conquer.

Tensions were running high in the morning since we wanted the house to look as close to perfect as possible since we want the company buying our house to give us top dollar for it. This is why I know we could not survive selling a house the conventional way. Just trying to keep it perfect for someone to see it ONE TIME was stressful enough.  It’s true what they say cleaning a house with small children living there is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. No sooner had I moped the floor, than people walked in with their muddy shoes from cleaning up the backyard. No sooner had I cleaned up one area, then legos were dumped in another and so on.

The suggestion was made maybe I should leave with the kids to keep the house clean and I was more than happy to get away since I was feeling super emotional unlike my normal self. I wanted to run away and play at the park with the kids. I just didn’t know I wouldn’t return for oh about 10 hours!

Normally I would have played it out in my mind how I was the victim and life was unfair and how inconvenienced I was. I put aside my emotions and thought deep on why I was upset. I read in a book how most of the time our anger is not justified. Sometimes it IS righteous indignation. However often it’s either selfishness or unrealistic expectations..being a perfectionist. Bingo that’s me. I realized I had unrealistic expectations on the process. It’s easier to dismiss your frustrations when you know they are baseless.

Thanks to books like Wake Up, I felt really present with my kids at the park. I pushed swings, I went down slides, I played, I laughed, I took mental pictures of their faces and I sat on the grass under the warm sun. I felt so much better.

I then picked up lunch, pizza for the kids and my ultimate guilty pleasure Taco Bell for me. To be honest, it was gross, I’m done with Taco Hell, lol . I told my kids we were going to hit up all the places in our area we never went to. We ate lunch at another nearby park to our house. They played and I read a book. It was nice.


The inspectors still had not arrived at our house. So then I took them to a library 10 min away we never had been to. It was actually really nice and I picked up a couple more books and the kids read and played in the kids area.

By then the crew arrived and it was apparent it was no place for a toddler to nap. There was a team of people looking at every nook and cranny. It was also getting close to inspection time at the other house, so I took all the kids to Chandler with me to meet up with the inspector.

I enjoyed the ride because I got to finish an audio book and the little ones napped. We arrived a little early so I treated myself to a Dunkin Iced Coffee that just a block from our future house.

I scouted out the closest park, the nearby shops (all my favorites) and then the closest library. It turns out the closest library 7 min away is the Dobson Ranch Mesa one where I held all my little classes.  There is also 2 other libraries in Chandler both 12 min away from the house. My kids were thrilled. I just wanted to pinch myself..I get to live here? Really? I focused on feelings of gratitude although the day was feeling long.

Finally when it was time to meet with the inspector he loved that I had 6 kids (he had 6 kids too and now 22 grandchildren) and insisted the whole gang come in. He was SO nice and encouraging. I spoke with him and his cousin who was assisting him (who also had 6 kids) and it really was such a great meeting. I would gladly recommend him to anybody.

As we wrapped up, Joe let me know he was on his way after they finally finished at our house. I killed some time at the local park until he told me he was 5 min away. Then we  met there and I showed him everything the inspector showed me.

We walked around and talked about how we would set up the rooms. We keep asking ourselves if we are nuts..we are paying  more for 500sq less space! We wanted bigger and instead got smaller. However the location is such a huge pro- he could come have lunch with us only 10 min away! Plus we would have a pool, which in Phoenix with lots of kids to keep busy all summer is so awesome. We talked about how maybe it’s a good shift, we would have to be in each others space more. We would have to be outside more.

Joe knew it was a very long day for me so offered to take us all out to a nice dinner. We picked the best sounding Italian place near us and it did NOT disappoint. The pizza was awesome, the stuffed muffins and my lasagna was just what I needed…ok maybe all those bread rolls was just what I needed. IMG_20180119_182150.jpg

I was exhausted but happy. Then we had to make the long trek back to Laveen. I went the back way and continued to listen to my new audio book by Michael Hyatt, “Your Best Year Ever.” I am positive 2018 will be my best year ever. Life is short and life is long but not in that order.

When you realize tomorrow is not promised, you set out to live every day to the max. It doesn’t mean you are jumping out of planes..just that you set out to live each day as an extraordinary day.

I could have easily used my old tired narrative of “Today was a BAD/HARD day” but I can honestly say instead I felt like I LIVED today.

I played with my kids. I fed my soul. I learned new things. I worked on myself. I met new people, talked, listened to their advice and enjoyed their stories. I created new memories, I put my little ones to bed, I talked about future plans with my husband, and I am now sharing my thoughts with you. To me that is living. I feel like a sponge soaking in as much as I can while squeezing myself out as much as I can and the cycle continues and it makes me feel alive.

And it was totally ok that at one point I cried while singing my favorite hymns out loud or that I let the stains linger on the floor while I read Ephesians on the couch under my favorite blanket.

But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42 KJV

In the end it ALL worked out.

Making a conscious effort to wake up from auto pilot is a great journey to be on!


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One thought on “Today I LIVED!

  1. What a day! I think we all can relate when there’s times, it seems like things are going from bad to worse. I love how you handled the bad situations. This was encouraging to read and funny. ☺


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