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Izzy Turns 11!

Today was such a fun and special day.

Izzy woke up to a heart streamers downstairs. I didn’t have a chance to go buy baloons but broke out the valentines decorations and she loved it.

I made the big puffy pancakes in the oven and garlic bacon.

We lounged around and then got ready for a day of Izzy’s favorites.

We attended a free STEM event with well over 100 booths of activities and freebies for children. I was kicking myself for remembering to bring my ncie camera but forgot the SIM card in my laptop, argh. We enjoyed the event very much and I will put it on my calender for next year. We found out about so many great rescources and free activties STEM related around town so big win for the day.

After that we went to her favorite for lunch Raising Canes. We picked the location right next to the Art Supply store near ASU. It’s bitter sweet realizing she is no longer really into toys but she LOVES to draw and practices for hours a day. We bought her a kit containing flesh color pencils with other supplies and paper pads, she was so excited.

After that we stopped by the future house and took some pictures of things we need to replace and just dreamed a bit in the backyard.

After that we went to another of Izzy’s favorites- Peter Pipper Pizza..where we spend an emberassing amount on tokens for all the kids. That’s what they all love though and all the cheap little prizes they trade their tickets in for.

I picked up a cake at Bashas next door and finally headed home.

We let Izzy pick our her favorite movie for family movie night and I made Chicken Parm and a house salad.

Dinner turned out really good and afterwards we sang Happy Birthday and tore into the cake.

Joe went upstairs to work on the taxes, and I settled on the couch with the kids under a big blanket. I never had actually watched this movie all the way through and I am glad I did. It had me all emotional and making all kinds of promises to myself.  We had a good dicussion afterwards about it and then it was off to bed.

I feel for my Izzy sometimes. She had the most time with me unsaved. The most time with me trying to navigate through some choppy waters and learning how to do this mothering thing…I’m still learning! She is so tenderharted and wants to always cook with me and please her parents. She is so special. I pray God blesses her immensely in her life. She already loves to go soulwinning and is light years ahead of where I was at her age.

With each of my children, I look at them and think- THIS is your best age! I thought I would be a little sad as they grew up but it only just gets better, truly it does.



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