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How Our Family Takes a Personal/Sick Day

Mom can never take a sick day, am I right? We don’t get to call in sick or take a personal day, but I will show you how you can get as close to that as possible while still keeping the ship afloat.

Sometimes you have a sick kid or kids, sometimes mom is sick, sometimes the night was rough, and sometimes there is more stress than usual and you need to give yourself some grace!

Today was one of those day and I could feel it. I called a family meeting and asked, “Should we declare today a Family Personal Day?” The answer was a unanimous,”YES!”

So here are the guidelines-

You still must READ something AFTER you complete your Bible Reading Chart.

sick day 009
The sick littles ones are exempt and can just rest-

This I don’t have to tell them to do- but they should spend lots of time outside (for one so they don’t trash the place) and use their imagination. Here they are building a fort.

sick day 003

sick day 004
Complete with a camp fire.

sick day 005

Enjoy this break from school to do and explore all your interests. For some that is drawing and they get all the time in the day to do that.

sick day 010sick day 11

As for mom, this is time for mom to relax and read on the couch. Maybe read some Bible or other books to herself or out loud to the kids.


This is time to catch up on laundry or other chores if she is not sick.

As for meals there are 2 ways to go with this-

  1. Since there is not the usual routine, mom has time to make meals that are more “all out” and take more time and preparation. This is a nice treat!
  2. If it’s a day mom does not feel well or stress, this might be a paper plate and easy meal day.
This is everyones favorite salad right now!

Both are great in their own way!

For Family Personal Day, Nap Time/Quiet Time is a must.

If mom is not feeling well, this is time to take a nap with the little ones while the big kids engage in a quiet activity like Legos.

If mom is not sick, this could be time to catch up on what needs attention, which can be a number of things! lol

For me on personal days I like to use nap time to exercise a little longer, work on fermentation things in the kitchen, read/listen to a book or sermon, or work on one of my goal projects.

For the early afternoons I am a fan of outdoor time. Even a sick child could benefit from just laying on the grass outside or sitting on a chair, getting some fresh air. I love watching the kids ride their bikes.

Dinner Time is earlier on personal days. We will probably be done with dinner by the time Dad gets home. We go to bed early, and have a little more time for bed time stories and cuddles. By going to bed earlier we are more likely to have a better night and be in MUCH better spirits for the next day.

Usually after a family personal day, everybody is ready to go back into our normal routine.

Sometimes that one day can make a big difference in the school week, month or year.

We all need a personal day sometimes. Don’t feel guilty if every day does not go as planned and scheduled.

Mom if you feel like this verse-

Psalm 55:6 King James Version (KJV)

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.

You can set up guidelines to rest at home, it’s OK.

It’s amazing even on a day like this at home, the kids are still learning. We watched a few youtube videos from this channel. read books, learned how to come up with stuff outside, worked on cooking skills, drawing skills etc.


Let me know in the comments below how you take a family personal day!


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