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The Best Day Ever

For me the best day ever’s, are simple days. Little things that add up big. For example today..

I woke up wanting to make a big breakfast. Hashbrowns, eggs, pancakes, turkey bacon and yes.. even cheesecake. I made it the afternoon before and dissapointed by kids big time by telling them it had to set until next morning. I promised they could have a slice for breakfast to make them feel better so I came through on that.

After breakfast, while the kids got ready and organized for school.. I sat on the couch with my cheesecake and good book and enjoyed every bite.. All before 8am. I’d say that’s a good start to a day!

We did half a day of school and then Joe watched the kids while I ran to the library with just Genny to pick up next weeks books. It was so nice to calmly pick out the subjects and titles.

I came back made lunch and then dad decided we should get out and enjoy this amazing cooler weather.

We went to do the Solar System Walk at Oasis Veteran Park in Chandler. It is up to scale with every foot being 1.5 million miles or something like that. So our guided tour of the solar system took us all around the lake.

After that we want to Playtopia, an awesome play area at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler.

We had so much fun and and got our appetite going for dinner.

We always like to try out, new to us, NY style pizzerias in search of that perfect one. This one did not disappoint and if you bought an XL, you could buy up to 3 more for only $7!

Not having to make dinner definitely ups the “best day ever” points.

On the way home we stopped by a thrift store I always wanted to check out. It was a bit overpriced but the books were not. I found some Robinson Curriculum classics, score!

After that we were pretty beat and headed home to get everyone ready for bed and spend the rest of the evening reading.

As I was getting the bath ready for the little’s, Joshua said he wanted to make me a special treat since I do so much for them. That right there brings this day up to “best day ever” level for sure. He is always making little things for me or little snacks to surprise me and I honestly don’t want those days to ever end.. But I know they will… So I soak it in.


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