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If there is something I always want to work on is being joyful. When the day comes that the good Lord takes me home, that’s a word I would want people, my family especially to describe me.

It takes work and a lot of mindfulness.

I heard years ago of someone else who focused on this, and that was Goldie Hawn. Curious I picked up her book at the library. I though anything that she can bring to the table, I surely could and more because I am saved and have the joy of the Lord.

Her book was pretty gripping. It wasn’t too graphic but graphic enough to make me teary and fill me with righteous anger for the sick men she had to face.. especially as a young child.

There was a period in time when she was growing in success, she felt literally crazy and throwing up between every take. If you ever glamorized Hollywood in your mind and what it would be like to be a star, this book will show you the dark side of it. It reminded me of Leah’s Scientology book. This was way before #metoo and if more parents read it maybe they would never push any of it on their children.

Although I don’t agree with her approach on some things and lament the fact that she is not saved, Goldie in her flesh has really overcome some hard life traumas. If she can be joyful, anybody can, especially if you are saved.

One big key of hers is something I have been working on the last year and that’s being mindful. She has not only a book on mindfulness but a whole school curriculum. The curriculum has an at home version and glancing through it, nothing sticks out as too new agey or hippy. More like working on your senses and being present. It is so much on how we view things.

When I had my stroke over 2 year ago, I remember vividly when my husband and kids came to see me in the hospital. We didn’t know at the time what was going on with me. They were all with me when the neurologist came in and gave us the MRI report. A stroke on the left side of my brain was confirmed. I felt pretty numb but once the doctor left and when I had to say bye to my kids the moment was alive like none other in my life. I didn’t know if I would have another one and loose my relationship with them. I kissed them, looked in their eyes, felt every moment of their existence in one hug. Everything that really mattered was now front and center and the noise of the world became quiet. I was really mindful of the moment. Too often moms are just rushing to get through to the next thing and it’s a cycle I always want to slow down.

It’s funny to hear from Goldie that children watch way too much television and shouldn’t, when her career was built on TV and movies.. So I’m glad someone in Hollywood is being honest. She talks alot about brain development, neuro biology and the connection with just being happy…joyful.

As a Christian I have to really filter books and information like this. The filter is the Bible and sometimes the info matches and checks out and sometimes it doesn’t. I am grateful for a church that preaches so hard on a variety of subjects and admonishes us to read it for ourselves. I’m also grateful for a Pastor who encourages us to read lots of books and how they don’t always have to be from a Christian author when dealing with non spiritual things. Everyone can be an example of something good or bad.

The key is to know and read your Bible daily to not get carried away in any philosophy or school of thought you read, always compare with what the Bible says.

I really recommend the 10 mindful minutes book. We are living in some fast times, books like this remind us how to slow down and savor the small moments.


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