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Super Saturday

Today Joe and another brother from church worked all day on redoing our chimney. They did an amazing job. I’m glad it cooled off this weekend out of nowhere! That would have been much worst even just a week later with temps climbing up fast.

Me and the kids took it easy in the a.m cleaning and playing games. I played chess with each it bad that I never let them win? It made Genny cry and I felt so bad I gave her from my secret m & m stash. Izzy almost had me and we had a long drawn out game, she was so close. I think that will make the day they do beat me much more sweeter, no? Elly also came up with some different circuit experiments with water.

After lunch we got ready for a wedding. We love the weddings at our church. My girls just are in awe of how princess like all the brides look.

*There is an amazing even going on next week in the Detroit area if you can make it.. The New IFB Soulwining Conference.


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