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Music Day

Since we recently added some classical conversations curriculum to our school days, this orchestra song repeatedly gets stuck in my head.

It was perfect though, we had a homeschool guestroom today at a Musical Instrument Museum. We are so grateful for our church setting these up and paying for it all, such a generous church!

Afterwards I hit up the Savers in that nice fancy area and was not dissapointed for their half off day. I got some great books and these Spanish curriculum books that I really like.

After some of the kids went to bed, I let the big girls and one little girl who napped for too long.. stay up late and watch a girly movie. They have really been working hard lately with extra chores and I wanted to treat them. The movie was all about weddings and afterwards we had a good chat on what I hope for their big days.

Basically I hope they don’t take the route we took. We had just a civil wedding with a large group of other couples saying their vows at the same time. We had no parents there, no one giving me away, no dad walking me down the aisle. Looking back now I realize how meaningful that day is, and if at all possible, how it should be treated. With 4 daughters I think differently now, not to mention after we have gotten saved.

It was a full day.. James was sitting at the counter watching me make dinner and then I realized how quiet he was.


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