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Super Saturday-Soulwinning and Shopping

Trying to start something new and in my area, some of us ladies from church started getting together every other Saturday morning to go soulwinning for one hour. We meet at my house and just walk to the streets around me so there is no time spent traveling. I really wanted to start something SUPER doable for busy moms. I know how it is, moms need to be back in time to make lunch, evenings are too crazy, going for too long can be a bit much for the dads (let’s be real) and even every week can feel too constricting with family schedules. I think a great balance at this stage of life is every other week, for one full soulwinning hour with little time to waste before and after and getting to a location. Sure, it might not seem much for the ones who go much more often but here are the pluses..

People getting saved, of course.

Something on the east side for ladies.

Covering an area that is completely untouched on our church map.

Still using our soulwinning skills, being a silent partner during those challenging motherhood years or those in tight schedule situations, in a way that is not burdening to the family.

Family friendly time with the duration being short enough where kids can come.

Honestly.. If it wasn’t for soulwinning these last 4 years in Phoenix, my Spanish would probably be very rusty. I only really spoke it with my parents back on the east coast so I’m grateful for such a great way to keep using Spanish.

This is such a short list, I could go on and on of the benefits of going soulwinning even for just an hour every other week. Of course I want to go more but in this season of life with my husband working a very physically demanding job and now per his work going back to school to become an engineer… This is what is doable for me.

Today was interesting. My partner and I witnessed 3 people give the right questions, all saying they had Baptist preacher fathers. We tried to get one older Catholic lady saved but she admitted she would rather stick with her feelings than what the Bible says.

So no one today but that’s OK because my motto is soulwinning is ALWAYS winning.

You are obeying the call to go preach the Gospel, you plant seeds, and sometimes you reap them too. No matter the last two, you always win with the first goal.

After lunch we had an interesting experience with cop cars swarming all over our front and back part of the house. Police were looking for some kind of auto theft suspect and they told us he could be armed and dangerous and maybe hiding in a backyard on our street… So we thought it would be a good time to head out to goodwill and some stores.

We stayed in the car while they searched our yard with the dog, something we already had major reservations about but thought these guys are nice… Then we get a tap on the window that the dog pooped in our yard and they would be back to pick it up. Oh come on.. To their credit they did.

After that we went to a few stores. I can’t miss goodwill half off day, ha. I always find the best stuff at the one by my house. This time a phonics kit brand new in the box. I’m going to try it with Josh since he clearly hates what I am using now.

Saturday’s is the last day before Joe goes back to work and it always feels like winding down. I make a special dinner, we play some games, and go to bed earlier since Joe has to wake up at 4.30am.

With our homeschool science fair coming up, we tried out some of our experiments.. Like a marshmallow shooter with yogurt cup and balloons.

I know it’s been a full day when kids start to fall asleep around 5pm like this.

Have a great rest of the weekend and enjoy church tomorrow wherever you are!


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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