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Little Chef

Joshua really likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Recently he has been asking me to prepare his own meals. Today I said yes to him making his own lunch and he made this..

Really? Is my cooking that bad that raw carrots and jalapenos on turkey is better?

This was my lunch by the way.

But he ate. it. all. I couldn’t believe it. Well.. Maybe this is how Gordon Ramsey got started, right?

I started to come down with the cold that was being passed around and feeling really yucky by this evening and he made dinner for everyone but I supplied the ingredients and directions. I’m so glad he wants to do it.

This morning at church our pastor preached an excellent sermon on discipline. It’s encouraging to me but also great for my kids to hear. Check it out here.. Invest in your children, train them up the way the Bible says, and let them live their lives.


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