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Minecraft Mondays

I’m a woman who likes change. I’m constantly looking for ways to move furniture around to make each space more usable, I’m always experimenting with ways to streamline things better and be more efficient. Last night I actually rearranged my kids bedrooms while they were still sleeping. I moved a queen size bunk bed without waking the girls up.. Skillz ha!

To balance this out for my kids, I like to give them some familiar touch stones to bring comfort and something to look forward to. Meal times and bedtimes the same, Bible time every morning, church 3 times a week and certain themes during the week.

My kids look forward to Friday Family Fun, Super Saturday, Taco Tuesday and one of the most favorites.. Minecraft Monday’s.

We do this at our local library. We have tablets I sometimes let them play educational games on but no real game consoles. This isn’t something I would be comfortable with them doing at home.. But on the library server where I can physically see who they are interacting with and with 2 teacher guides.. I’m OK with it…for half an hour. They love this. They raffle off a little gift each week too. Meawhile I quickly gather my books for the week with the younger 3.

The whole car ride home I hear stories about what they built. What they did etc.

In previous years when I only had little children, we did the library story time.

They had a great library sale and I picked some some good books. Tonight for our read aloud we started “Heidi” before bed. I’ve never read this. I’m really enjoying their childhood because in a small way I feel like I am joining them. I am learning more homeschooling them than I did in school. We are giving them the chilhood Joe and I really wanted. It’s such a blessing and gift to all of us.

Today in the car, I opened a seltzer water can left too long in the car and it exploded. I laughed so hard with all the kids. I give myself permission to be a kid with them sometimes to balance the times when it feels like a heavy responsibility.

So in short.. Be a kid again sometimes. Balance the areas where you know you can be extreme and don’t take for granted the gift that you have in front of you..even simple things like being able to read them a bedtime story or learning alongside with them.


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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