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This week…

I am hosting a Homeschool Science fair and while it’s fun.. I also had to help put together 5 project boards. Luckily I only had to help the last 3.

I remember growing up in public school, my mom was very involved. She made my cheerleding squad pom poms made out of grocery plastic bags. She was the head of the PTA with her very minimal Spanish. She organized days of clean up around our school in the not so great area of LA.

Today kind of reminded me of that while I put together the prizes and goodie bags for the fair. We really do it all for our kids and to see them excited about something.

It made a mess though, let me tell you… Ooohwee that took a while to clean up.

I am that mom version of if you give a mouse a cookie. So today it went if mom is going to clean up a big mess, might as well clean, organize and label everything in the kitchen.

My husband kindly bought pizza tonight so I could just wrap it up and swim with the kids before bed.

Tonight I also prepared everything for our detox, cleanse, fast day of torture on Saturday. We have been eating not so great, and feel not so great, so this is our fresh start and reset date. I got my recipes from Molly Sims, Everyday Supermodel book and Kate Hudson’s Pretty Happy book.

Question.. Why does turmeric have to stain everything? My vitamix container is now dingy yellow forever.

Joe is at a steak night with the guys from work so I am relaxing with a face mask and taking out all the staples to this chair I am reapolstering. It’s surprisingly relaxing.

Tomorrow will be busy but looking forward to it.


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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