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Weekend Fun and Thrifty Finds

Friday we had a great time at the homeschool Science fair we hosted. I definitely plan to make it an annual thing. It was so cute to see all the little presentations. Joe came for the judging with Sophie and he was so proud of all of us.

That night we had a keepers of the faith meeting at our church and I am so excited our church is starting this program. Joe and I are familiar with it since we tried to start a club ourselves back in Marietta. I think we had one boys and girls activity and realized it is a lot of work to host. Our church though is pretty big now and filled with moms and dads with all kinds of skills, so many hands make light work for sure. The space as church is perfect for it. My skill will be stenciling for the little girls.

After the meeting I visited with a friend, a lady from our church who was in the hospital. It was a full day but I slept with a full heart.

Saturday Joe took the kids to do a big kids activity in the a.m and I took the little kids shopping in Apache Junction. I stopped by this thrift store where everything was half off. I LOVE thrifting. I much prefer it sometimes to buying new things because I enjoy the hunt and finding something of value for a fraction of the cost. Somethings of course I only want to buy new but things like furniture, books, toys.. There are deals to be made.

I got a nice desk chair for the boys for 1.50, a baby and grocery cart for Sophie for $3 and a bunch of books I really liked for half off..including this giant print KJV Bible. I always buy Bibles whenever I see a good one at a thrift store.

I really like finding the old Richard Scary books and score.. The first published book from Kipling!

I also separately scored this secretary desk for only $5 on offer up!

Right now I am reapolstering two chairs and almost done with the first one and I can’t wait to share the before and after pics. It’s my first time so be merciful, ha! I realized it is sort of a relaxing hobby…but I am so torn because while I do it, I think.. I could be reading right now.


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