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Life Lately

I felt so terrible that the one Sunday my husband had off, I came down with something. I was out for the count. He knew it was bad when I just could not get up. This was probably the closest I can have as a day off being a mom at this stage. He let me sleep in, I woke up for lunch and had a little bit of food. Then I took a nap with the toddler. She got up, I didn’t. I slept until the evening sermon. I was sweating it out and cold at the same time but by the evening service I felt much better. I guess it’s that fast and fierce bug going around.

We put the kids down and cleaned up the messy place, and a dear friend made our night by bringing some treats over.

Today Monday I was slowly getting back in the groove. I hadn’t keepers for the school week so that’s always a negative. Also laundry was a nightmare. So I did what I had to do to keep sane.. I decided I wanted to learn how to play Hans Zimmerman’s Interstellar instrumental soundtrack. Well then all the kids wanted to learn and so we spent a large portion of the day on and off taking turns playing it with a YouTube tutorial. It’s SO SO true, whatever the parents do.. The kids will want to do. So if you want your kids to do something, just model it.. Reading, sports, writing etc.

We didn’t miss our Minecraft Monday’s. As always I checked out the new book area. This book by Warren Jeff’s daughter caught my eye, how she escaped the FLDS cult. I read it while I waited for the big kids and the little kids played in the little kids area. Oh my, I kind of wish I didn’t. It wasn’t too graphic but it was graphic enough to make me sick. That man was a total pedophile sick freak. I don’t even know if he is still alive.. I couldn’t finish it. Part of me wanted to tell a librarian this book shouldn’t be in a library.. But I guess it’s someone’s story and shows people what an awful sick cult it is.. But I still shoved it in the book return hoping it would at least be out of circulation for a day or two. My heart was just really heavy on the ride back home, for those kids born into it with no choice.

It will make you count your blessings for sure.

On a much happier note, Joshua cheered me up by making me these little presents while I was sick.


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