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When There Isn’t Enough Time

Today was a busy day. We are redoing our Master bedroom, new furniture and painting. It’s a smaller room, in a smaller house and we really wanted to make it our sanctuary. It has kept us a bit busy today and we kept delaying playing a game of chutes and ladders that my oldest, age 11 wanted to play with us. Finally after dinner I told her she could set it up. We tried to play but our sweet little toddler kept climbing on the table wanting to play. Then another kid wanted to join in, and another and it got chaotic quick. It just wasn’t working. I needed to get the kids down for bed since it was already past their bedtime and by 8pm I am admittedly not the best mom. As I told my daughter to pack the game up and we would try again tomorrow, she broke down sobbing. This is not like her and it broke my heart to pieces. I tried to console and her and reminded her of the things we recently bought her and how dad played the game with her a couple days before, and she was understanding. But I saw it.. She needed the time, today.

I kept reminding her how much I love her and appreciate her as I tucked them all into bed but I could tell she was still very sad. It weighed on me how much she helps out so much, and always willing to help. She is the first to say, can I help you mom? No matter the task like laundry or loading the dishwasher, she happily does it. She is such a wonderful daughter.

Joe finished painting and organizing the room. I folded two loads of clothes, cleaned the house, loaded the dirty dishes and by then it was pretty late. I asked Joe though if he would do something special with me and I filled him in on the plan. I know he was tired and ready for bed, but was on board.

I went back into the girls room and quietly woke Izzy up. I told her I had a surprise for her in the kitchen. I helped her climbed down the bunk bed and led her to the kitchen while she fully woke up.

Greeting her was her dad, with chutes and ladder set up and drinks with cookies.

I wish I could forever remember her face. I had no camera, no phone around.. Just us 3.

We played, we laughed, I won! 😁 Then we let her talk to us about whatever she wanted while she had both of our undivided full attention. We let her know as the oldest how much we appreciate everything she does and how much we love her.

She went back to bed with a full heart.

This might be the start of a new tradition with each kid.

Shortly after another child woke up in a bad coughing spell. They couldn’t get settled back in so I took them into the kitchen for some essential oils, doterra cough drop and spent some more one on one time with them before going back to bed.

I have very few memories of my childhood, but there is one I will never forget.

I woke up from a horrible nightmare, one I still remember of my brother being ran over by a car and I was so shook up. Everyone seemed to be asleep but I could hear noise from the kitchen and saw faint light. I got up and went to see what was going on. It felt like the middle of the night to me.. But could have been more like 10pm. My dad was cooking spam. He let me stay up, talked to me and served me some food. At that moment I was the only thing soaking up his attention. It was the most comforting, coolest thing ever in my small world. I never forgot it to this day.

Truly the best thing we can give to our kids is just time.. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in a day and so you have to get creative 😀.


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