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Our 2018 Summer Schedule

I have been a school year round gal. In the past I took off whenever I had a baby or when the weather was nice or simply when I felt I needed a break. I realized that it was a lot harder to start back up after a long break so I avoided them.

This year I am going to actually try to take a whole summer off and see how we do. I am admittedly nervous so I am still going to do a fun math curriculum twice a week at least.

I thought I would share with you how I put it together.

-First fill in the routine staples..3 meals and clean up.

-Add a Bible and memorization time, while you are already reading to them maybe add a story book.

-Add more reading before nap time and bed time.

-Add in a time or two for chores or a “reset” time to clean up messes from the day.

-You will see you have two main chunk open. One is the a.m before lunch and the other is p.m before dinner after nap time.

-Write down the 5 or 6 days of the week you want to be intentional in. Check out your local library schedules and regularly occurring events. Is there a reading time that works for you? Maybe the regular coding classes are of interest or the Lego club?

-Pick a few and schedule no more than 2 things a day, preferably one home based activity and one outside on. Make sure you still have lots of down time to be bored and come up with your own games and ideas.

Lastly be flexible and have fun!

Here is a copy of my schedule.

Rodriguez Summer Schedule

Morning Routine-

Get Ready/Dressed
Clean Room
Table Chores
House Chores
Bible Time
Bible Memory
Story Time


Lunch Time
Table Chores
Reading Time
Nap Time/Quiet Time

Snack Time
*PM Activity
Dinner Prep
Table Chores

Get Ready for Bed
Final Story Time

*****Monday- Life of Fred Math a.m –Minecraft Monday 3:30 p.m

Tuesday- Preschool Library Story Time 10.30am OR POGO Pass fun

Wednesday- Swimming and Relaxed Day a.m —p.m Church

Thursday- Life of Fred Math a.m- Coding Club at Library 4-5:00pm

Friday-10am Library Activity & Friday Family Fun Night

Saturday- Keepers at Home/Contenders of Faith Skill Badge Work


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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