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Life Lately

I dropped my phone at Ikea a couple weeks ago and it landed in such a perfect way, even with a case the glass shattered. I have a very poor track record with phones.. This did not help my case. Maybe I lasted 6 months with this phone but I told my husband not to worry about replacing it.. Little shards of glass going in my thumb when scrolling is a good deterrent to keep me off my phone.

However the glass has settled and I am used to looking at my phone through the spider web of cracks already.

Here are some photos to make up for the lack of photos the last few posts.

Finishing up our school year with being able to set up the first lady of our CC timeline.

Enjoying some new to us places in the area, these are very generous $3 kids meals!

Painted our Piano while Joe was out of town for 2 weeks.
Pleasantly surprised when I let the kids take over lunch duty.
Kids come up with lots of ideas with just boxes. Josh made a little city.
Enjoyed a fun homeschool field trip hosted by our church.

The girl’s 3 story dollhouse with more boxes.
Learned that my kids are capable of making breakfast without my help.
Learned that my kids want to and can help me out with all my DIY ideas and projects. We make a great team.

Discovered this awesome vintage furniture place and re-did our bedroom.

Started our summer reading program and hosting a summer read aloud club for our church ladies. I’m really looking forward to our first meeting.

After a year of Joe working Sunday’s, his boss finally changed his schedule which among many positives.. I can attend the ladies events between services. So very much enjoyed our post party pals appreciation party.
Inspired by a friend to work on different hairstyles for my girls than my usual half pony.
Enjoying toddler story time again with the second half of my kids now.

Enjoying Lego time at the library.

Congrats, you have scrolled to the very bottom of this long post! You made it 😁.


Christian, Homeschooling, Mother of 6 with way too many ideas.

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