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The Perfect First Weekend

This was our first new weekend since my husband changed shifts. He now has Sunday, Monday, Tuesday off and it’s throwing us off a little bit but in a good way.

Sunday we were finally able to attend both morning and evening services all together again. In between services we had friends over which was nice.

Monday we had friends over again to BBQ and swim in the pool. I have really learned to relax and be easy going for hosting get together now. We prefer to keep it to just one family as opposed to previous groups of families. This is a smaller house and families are growing so for example us and another family is 11 kids already, ha! Also with one family both couples can talk together vs how it always ends up in a group with the women separating from the men the entire time.

I don’t plan for a bunch dishes and options.. One entree and one or two sides is enough for me now. A smaller house is also much easier to clean up, I am really enjoying that!

Tuesday we enjoyed our last day in the best way. We slept in, Joe grilled for both lunch and dinner and I scrubbed the pool and swam with the kids. We ate meals outside and did a few chores in between reading books. That has to be my favorite way to spend a day.

Also naps.. Naps are the best. I have the best little toddler who will put herself down for a nap if I tarry to do it.


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