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New Video and Movie Day

I made a video today showing our homeschool spaces in our smaller home. Video below.

We have a few sick kiddos and dad is also coming down with something so I made some awesome soup (my soups never turn out that good, thanks Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Copy Cat recipe!) and let the kids watch a couple of movies.

To balance it, we did have a longer Bible time, Bible memory time and read aloud time. We are finishing a Single Shard and getting ready for our book club meet on the 20th.

I also am reading myself a book that is so fascinating, I can’t put it down. I thought I could sneak away while they watched some movies from my childhood..but the second one totally sucked me in. They just don’t make movies like they did back then, these dreamworks films offer nothing of substance like the films of decade past.

First I let them watch The Indian In the Cupboard, who watched that as a child? That used to be one of my first favorite books.

The second was “In Search of Bobby Fisher” except for the smoking, it is a really clean, and awesome movie! I forgot about it and when I started watching I was planted on the couch. I put it on because the girls have been playing chess today too and more often during our summer break. I hope it inspired them to always have good sportsmanship, no matter what they play.

What are some of your favorite movies from your childhood?



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Things have been a little quiet here as you can tell.

Even though I am a school- year- round gal, I decided to try this whole summer off thing..and I like it!

I am enjoying..

-Sleeping in (Sorry Miracle Morning, but seriously I need to get back on that!)

-Letting the kids cook as much as they want.

-Lots of reading aloud.

-Lots of me reading by the pool, which is the most relaxing part of my day.


-Ocassional Playdates.

-Finally learning how to swim! Kind of..I’m getting there 🙂

If we could go back, we would have bought a house with a pool the first go around. This really makes all the difference during Phoenix summers. The kids have something to do, it gets them really tired for bed time (ha!), it’s also the best exercise for me and all of us really.

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