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Life Lately

We are enjoying those summer reading program rewards! Enjoyed this treat today after our free pizza lunch.

These days off Joe painted the kitchen to match the living room. I LOVE this lighter color.
This is pretty much me all summer. Iced coffee, going to and from the library with my Ikea bag of books.
I am enjoying taking a break from school and letting them come up with their own toys using their imagination.
They also have come up with some interesting food creations!
And costumes too.

I had a wonderful 36th birthday too. My husband worked that day but brought me home on his lunch break my gift, and flowers. He wasn’t thrilled with the picture taking though Ha! I went to get my free food at some Gilbert spots and then my husband brought home dinner too. That is a great birthday! The next day was fathers day so we also went to the store to pick up dad’s treats. It was a great weekend celebrating both my B-Day and fathers day.


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3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I like that wall paint color! What is the name of it? We are painting our new house and I’m still deciding on couple rooms.


    1. It’s called Modern Grey from Sherwin Williams. We bought the stuff called Super Paint which will really coat the falls fast! Lol


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