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Book Feels

I am not the emotional type at all, I hardly ever cry. These titles below though..ugh they got me. If you are looking for a book to grip you, these are a few I can recommend.

Pink and Say

A Single Shard

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

This last one in particular, I have never cried so much while reading aloud.  I glanced over and one girl was getting up to leave the room, another was silently crying on the couch, the little kids were bewildered! Afterwards my oldest came up to me still with tears in her eyes and we hugged and cried a little in the kitchen. Unfortunatly I asked her if it reminded her of her broken china dolls over the years (the main character is a china rabbit) and she said, it hadn’t but now I reminded her…oh boy..more tears…her remembering her dolls and me for reminding her and causing more sadness. After that I declared a popcorn and movie day to get it off our minds.

Is there a book you read aloud to your kids that was hard to get through, because you were in tears?


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