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I stayed up too late last night and I woke up at 6am with the kids. My husband slept in and when he woke up and started to paint, I asked if I could do something crazy, unheard of…if I could go back to bed for an hour or two. He said go for it, so I settled in for the best treat ever.

I checked my email really quick and realized I had made a dentist appointment for my son who was complaining of tooth pain for a week, and it was in 10 minutes. I flew out of bed and somehow, someway (thanks to the office being 2 minutes away) I got myself looking decent, and my boy to the dentist right at 9am.

After an x-ray an exam the verdict was in. No cavity, it was just a canker sore tucked up high I didn’t see. UGHHHHH


Yeah one of those mom moments. At least he got a little bag of Legos from the toy chest.

I came home, told my husband and he had a good laugh and then I asked him to just hug me. I did get to have a 20 minute nap..with the sander full blast in the next room while he worked on the fireplace. Mom life.



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