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How We Do Bible Time

In this video I go over how we do Bible Time. I know a lot of moms make their kids sit still and pretend it’s like church and consider it practice or training for actually sitting through a service. I don’t do that myself, but I don’t disagree that it’s a good idea. Once my youngest turned one, I didn’t use the mother baby rooms in our church anymore. It was really out of necessity since my husband had to work Sundays and every other Wednesday, which meant I was on my own and didn’t want to leave the other kids alone in the auditorium. My style of doing church training to sit still is, I read their favorite, attention-getting books aloud, when they talk or move around, I stop and only continue when they are quiet and attentive.

I wanted Bible time to be enjoyable and not stressful for all of us. As long as the little kids are quiet, they can do other things in the room. I know they are still listening. I didn’t want to associate discipline with me reading the Bible to them, but if they do get noisy or out of hand then I deal with it. Our Bible time can get long as we like to discuss everything we read and the kids usually have a lot of questions..but I kept this video short to 10 minutes. How do you do Bible time? Helpful links below…

One Year Bible—–
Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns- 
The Complete Church Piano Course- 

Why King James Only?

Song: In Times Like These
Music promoted by Faithful Word Baptist Church
Video Link:


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