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New Series/Challenge

Goal: To document our read aloud experiences for one year, starting TODAY June 26th, 2018.

Purpose: To have a keepsake of precious memories, and to encourage others of the power of such a simple activity to bring families closer together.

Today I finished “Guerilla Learning” and took a lot of notes of things I want to incorporate in our home and possibly do a book review on it or a blog post. The next book on my list was this and I was excited about it..

There is one chapter in there that is just for the dads. The way he approached it was genuis. It said in the first chapter if you want your husband to read aloud to the kids more just let him read this one chapter. It was a short chapter too, but powerful. The result was this. He read the kids Bedtime for Francis making all kinds of funny voices that had the kids cracking up. I know for sure, they have never laughed that hard with me reading to them! I must make peace with it, Dad will forever be the funny parent. 🙂

That is my James wearing his shirt inside out after we got done swimming. Kids all over the couches and even from behind. The sound of giggles and my husband’s funny voices.

I also read them my favorite book as a child. They thought it was too sad though. I watched Izzy, she was watching me close at the end to see if I was going to start crying again, but I kept it together. Later on at bedtime Josh brought up that the book I read made him sad and we did talk it I told him about how a person who loves will give up so much to make the other person happy.  Note to self: When reading before or after dad, don’t pick sad stories.

Also I read this book that is on a lot of good book lists..but eh.

After the end of a story I ask my kids to either give it a thumbs up or down and we take a vote. Only one person gave this a thumbs up.

Then it was time for bed.

Having had a terrible report for myself from the dentist earlier that morning, I brushed every kids teeth and flossed them. I don’t think I will let them do it themselves for a long while no matter how tired I am at the end of the night. I just hate spending so much money on dental work, something that can be avoided but for some reason all my life I have had terrible teeth problems. I hope none of my kids get my teeth. My hsuband on the other hand not one cavity his whole life! I also showed my girls how to wash their face properly and pat dry, and how to apply lotion the best. Then after being in their bathroom so long I realized it needed some bleach and scrubed around every crevice of the toilet with bleach…the joys of having boys I guess. The I tried to spray some frankincense around the rooms and bathroom to get rid of the smell which made it worst I think.

I read to the girls a couple of chapters of a new book while they settled in bed.

I also read them a few poems from this book and we laughed at the silly ones and we talked a little bit about poetry. I did my “Snug in the Bug” tuck in routine and kissed them goodnight.

I then went into the boy’s room to do the same and read them the same poems and tucked them in.

While I was doing that, Elly came in the room. She said “Mom, I just want to tell you I think you are the best mom in the world. Thank you for taking such good care of us and teaching us things. I want to be just like you when I grow up and have kids Goodnight.” Then she turned back to her room after I thanked her. I didn’t want to forget that.

*I have added some new pages on here. I am adding a page of our favorite book and recommendations, a page of my favorite things to watch and favorite websites. It’s still a work in progress but little by little I am adding to it when I have little pockets of free time.

There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.

–Marcel Proust


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