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Documenting Delight 3/365

June 28th was interesting.

We had a random wasp sting. The thing somehow ended up in our couch and stung my boy while he was practicing his continental stitch on a plastic canvas project. Poor guy.

My daughter had a terrible headache and ended up throwing up once. She thought she brought it on from her book of mazes that had some psychedelic designs she stared at too long. I reassured her it wasn’t and she wasn’t going blind but she was pretty upset to say the least on the couch.

So after all that I had everyone join us on the couches. I told my daughter to just close her eyes and try not to think about her symptoms and just picture what I was reading from our read alouds. I read a lot from two main read aloud books. It helped to calm everybody down, especially the patients.


I also read a lot of picture books to my little kids. Some titles recommended from this facebook thread. If you are on fb, please follow my page here.

Later when everybody was feeling better, we went swimming and I took breaks from the pool to read this treasure. It’s SO good that I am ordering my own copy to keep forever. I will be sharing some read aloud tips in these posts for that book.



Always read the Book Title and Author/Illustrator, no matter how many times you pick up the same book to read. I have been implementing this and the goal it seems, is to convey to children that books are written by actual human beings and not machines. This also helps them recognize early on, the authors that we really enjoy. 



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