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New Morning Routine

I *was* doing so good when I was practicing the miracle morning routine. When we moved to this house though, it slowly stopped. I want that mountain back. It was such a powerful tool and the secret to my gusto throughout the day.  There is no comparison to waking up that way vs. having your kids wake you up.

My husband wakes up at 4.30am every day and I feel him get up but I just pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. I decided no more. If he got up at 4.30am, I should do the same. I should work just as hard as him. In order for this to work I was going to have to go to sleep early like 9pm the latest.

I woke up this morning NOT tired. I felt great, excited. I sat at the edge of the bed and asked my husband, “What do we do now?” like a little kid on Christmas morning. It felt so wonderful to have time alone in the morning with just my husband and all our little angels still fast sleep. We had coffee, we read the book of James and we talked about Sports. Yes, I am that wife that will try to take an interest in what my husband likes to have some interesting conversations and I like the expression on his face when I try to talk to him like I know what I am talking about (most of the time I don’t just read a headline tweet!)

“So Lebron is probably going to go to the Lakers right?” -Me trying to sound like I know what I am talking about.

It was fun. We talked about the book of James, a little of this and that and then it was time for him to go.

It still gives me an hour before the kids wake up, which is when I will do my blogging. This counts as my “writing” miracle morning part. It wakes up my brain and sets the tone for the day…Words. My enjoyment will come from words…scripture, books, what my children talk to me about etc. Now I’m off to sneak in the exercise portion.

Have a great day!



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