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Documenting Delight 4/365

Yesterday was a very busy day. My van is on the fritz so I borrowed my husband’s car to do ALL the errands. There wasn’t much reading done besides the Bible.  Today though we are home for the day and plan on catching up. We picked up at the library Tucket’s Gold and Tucket’s Home, the next two books in the series after the one we just read for our book club.

I did want to mention these Spot books. Why haven’t I used these the last few years?! They are so wonderful! My 2 year old will look at it all day, lifting up the flaps.


Tip #2- Leave a basket of books in the bathroom so your children will have something to read in there 🙂 This was a tip I read in the Read Aloud Handbook and while we have a small bathroom, I did add a little Ikea basket with a few books.


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