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Amazing Books for Girls Compilation

I was recently told about this website, and wow! 

There is SO much here, but I really LOVE the “Girls Books” page. If you signed up for the Kindle unlimited promotion on Prime day, you can find almost every single one of them to purchase for FREE.

If you do not have Kindle unlimited, don’t worry- because many of these are open source and available to read right here!

I especially love all the books about early american life, the women who came on the Mayflower, the women who wrote letters back home on their move out west and so on. It’s fascinating to me!

Check out the book list here!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

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DD 23/365 – Grammar-Land

We are still waiting for our new read aloud for the book club, so I picked this book for today. It is very clever how it teaches you grammar in a fun, story tale, way! It’s so old, it is available for free online.


I purchased mine on Amazon since it was so cheap and I love this little book. The kids after the first chapter wrote nouns on the white board and just having so much fun doing that. It’s amazing how simple things can be so much fun with a crowd of siblings.

Grammar-Land: Grammar in Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-Shire

You can also listen to it for FREE on LibriVox! CLICK HERE.


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We finished! DD22/365

We finally finished Unbroken. I realized I knew nothing about WW2 before. Sure, I knew facts…but I didn’t know people’s actual living accounts of suffering unimaginable things. This is something textbooks just cannot really convey.

We are not waiting for our next read aloud to arrive from Ebay. The Scarlet pimpernel! Who has read it? This will be the first time for us.