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Documenting Delight 9/365 & 4th of July

4th of July being on a Wednesday threw us off big time. We worked on some home improvement projects and I continued to read aloud Tucket’s Gold to them.

After church we made the last minute decision to be crazy and even though it was 8.30, we made out own 4th of July party. We fired up the grill and made burgers and hot dogs. I put out some cut up fruit and chips and dessert.

We all went night swimming since it was still *very* warm outside and the water was perfect.

We ate, we swam, and we did out own little fireworks display. We all went to bed super late and I was hoping they would sleep in…well they did….7am.


I woke up and made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and a double batch of banana muffins and bread (had to use up all the brown bananas). I was excited because I got to use my fancy new whisk I got at the Anthropologie summer sale.


It’s beautiful, the most lovely utensil I owned and wouldn’t you know it, it rolled off the counter and broke into a bunch of pieces on the floor. I wanted to cry but that’s life. My son immediately got a piece of paper and drew me a whisk to make me feel better, that made me laugh.


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