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Documenting Delight 11 & 12/365

We finally finished Tucket’s Gold and we are tearing into Tucket’s Home. This is going to be one of those series where we are all going to be a bit sad to say goodbye to all the characters once it’s over, I know it.

We also read a couple of chapters of Unbroken. Questions led to a rabbit trail of youtube videos on Hitler and WW2. You know what I realized? I knew practically nothing about WW2. My husband came home for lunch and even he was interested in these videos with us. These animations are easy enough for adults and children to follow. We talked about war, the consequences, how they begin and tied it in with the Bible.

I didn’t write out in my lesson plan that we would lean about WW2 today. It just happened thanks to a very captivating autobiography and the internet. I can’t say it enough, this is my favorite way to learn as a family.

I also started a new book I’ve been wanting to read, it was only 99 cents for the kindle version (you can read it on any device: lap top, phone, tablet, etc.,) so check it out!

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