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My Top 10 Meal Prep Ideas

I decided today that Saturday’s would be my meal prep days. Since my husband works that day and everything is more crowded on Saturdays, I thought it would be the perfect day since I pick up groceries on Friday, that Saturdays should be my meal prep days. Besides reading to the kids and watching some WW2 videos, I was in the kitchen all day. It’s worth it though. I can relax a bit more while my husband is off the new few days. Here are my top 10 meal prep ideas.

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1. Grains & Beans I like to cook some grains ahead of time to be able to make a quick stir fry or barley, quinoa dish. This is super convenient to have on hand and with an instant pot it cooks perfectly without me having to watch a pot. For dinner I tossed some of the barley with grape tomatoes, garlic, chopped red onions, pomegranate cider vinegar, and lime and added cucumbers when plaiting. It was husband approved! I also cook up a huge batch of pinto beans and or chick peas to make hummus. There is a lot you can do last minute with pinto beans, they come in very handy. Even a simple lunch of corn bread and a pot of beans can be fun for the kids if you let them top the beans with whatever they want (spices, sour cream, cheese etc.,).

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2. Eggs– Again the instant pot got the credit for making these in 4 minutes cook time. The kids peeled them for me and now I have them handy for salads, a quick egg salad sandwich, deviled egg or just as is for a quick Weight Watchers 0 point snack.

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3. Cut Up Fruit- I cut up a bunch of watermelon and pineapple. When I am hungry late at night or when the kids want something to snack on while swimming, I am already covered. I saved the pineapple juice for dressings and marinades.

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4. Baked Goods– Today I made banana bread, blueberry muffins and carrot muffins. These make a great breakfast item for the kids while I sneak away to the treadmill for 15 minutes. They can make a quick lunch in a pinch too with some yogurt and fruit.

5. Juicing- Might as well dirty the juicer back to back one day, than every day. I juiced carrots, made a refreshing energy mix with celery, apples, kale, and then also made a special ginger tea that I can reach for and just add honey and lemon.

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6. Chop up Veggies- I took my spiralizer and did all the zucchini, except one that I cut up for stir fries. I am stoked to have all my supply ready for my favorite breakfast and pasta copy cat. I also cut up a lot of cucumbers to that make a great snack with some Tajin powder!

7. Grill lots of chicken- At 7am I was firing up the grill. In Phoenix, the earlier the better. I made a huge batch of grilled chicken with my favorite trader joes seasoning. For that night’s dinner I tossed the cook chicken in the instant pot just for a few minutes with a dressing, marinade I made to warm it up and infuse a bit more flavor. I feel like the oven and stove really dry out cooked chicken but not the instant pot.

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8. Oatmeal- You can make a big batch of oatmeal and then warm it up as you need it. I like to add blueberries, coconut nectar, a little granola for crunch and milk.

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9. Marinades- Mixing up your favorite oil and vinegar dressings will make it so much easier to put together a healthy salad quickly.

10. Deserts- My husband and I are on weight watchers so I have to plan for some healthier options. I froze a lot of super ripe bananas so I can easily make some banana ice cream in the vitamix. Yummy, sweet, cool and refreshing and 0 points win-win.

In short- When making up your own plan, try to plan for a couple of proteins such as fish and chicken. Cook up a big batch of a couple of grains. Make some salads leaving the dressing separate. Cut up some fruit and have it handy. Plan for some healthy snacks such as hummus, no sugar applesauce, low point yogurt etc., it will make your week so much easier.

My tools- Couldn’t pull of days like today without it!

7TECH Professional Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Handheld Spiralizer

*Prime day is almost here so make sure you check to see if your favorite things are on sale that day!
What do you like to prep for the week?


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