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Documenting Delight 13 & 14

We finished the last in the series, Tucket’s Home. The ending was good, and the notes at the end were perfection.

Yes, there is a good amount of violence in this series, but the reality is, all of it really happened. The journey out west was for many, their last. I think this is a better tribute to them, than to act like it was some pleasure trip.

I am glad my children understand how it really was, what people sacrificed, what mistakes can cause people.

Now we are diving full force into Unbroken. We are about 7 or 8 chapters in but now we will read more daily. This is another book where the reality of the deaths of WW2 will be something to absorb for all of us. It’s one thing watching an oversimplified youtube video, but it’s quite another to read an actual human beings account of his terrorizing experience. This is one reason why Dr. Robinsons says autobiographies are far superior to textbooks written by recent college graduates, I agree!


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