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Documenting Delight 17/365

Today I am sad to say, I didn’t do any reading to my kids arg. It was grocery day and I was preparing a pernil for tomorrow and printing some books and catching up on laundry etc. One of those days.

It was just what I needed though to head off in the evening to hear one of my favorite authors speak, who is also a homeschooling mother of 6. It was SO good! Afterwards I took my time going home, enjoying just being alone (which is RARE) and headed to a bookstore. I bought some great classics I didn’t have yet, that were on clearance. Score!

As I got in the car to head home, I was a little sad at the thought I didn’t tuck my kids in. Surely my exhausted husband after a 12 hour work day, would not be in the mood to read to them. However when I got home, he informed me he did read to the kids one of their favorite books. It’s one of their absolute favorites I think, largely because of the voices Joe makes when he reads it. They crack up so hard! I think it’s sweet.

Bedtime for Frances (Trophy Picture Books (Paperback))


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