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Updated School Schedule- For Real!

I have made a lot of changes recently on my attack plan for, well I don’t want to say the next school year, I’m throwing years out…just the future!

I decided to really embrace the Robinson curriculum fully again with just the CC memory work songs.

Links to majority listed below are found in the FREE Homeschool tab.

Learning Routine

Breakast and table chores

Bible Time

Video of how we do Bible Time is HERE.

  Character Quality

Math and Piano-

Izzy and Elly Math Lesson a day.

I work with Little Kids on Every Day Numbers, and Ray’s Arithmetic and have them procatice their Math Flashcards.


Izzy and Elly write an essay, short story, etc., hand to me to correct.

Work on RC vocabulary.

While they wait on me they practice with their Spencerian handwritting worksheets.

I work with the Littles with Word Mastery, and Phonics Lessons.FREE DOWNLOAD OF WORD MASTERY HERE.

Download Blend Phonics Lessons and Stories HERE.

While the 5 and 7 yr old practice copy work/handwritting, I do Letter of the Week with the youngest two.

Memory Work 

-Classical Conversations Memory Work for the Week and applicable read aloud books.

*Lunch and table chores (kids play outside while I make lunch)

Mind Up Break

*Quiet Time

Little Kids lay in bed listening to a book on tape


Izzy and Elly read from RC book list.

(2 hours)

*Tea time and sharing time of what we have learned.

Errands or Swimming

If Kids want something else to do they can go down the Loop Learning List.




Keepers of Faith/Crafts


Dinner Prep

Dinner and table Chores

Bedtime Routine

Read Aloud before bed.

(printable here)


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