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How I Find and Purchase Books- DD 27

My back to school shopping consist of mainly pencils, notebooks, graph paper, paper, ink and BOOKS. I love buying books vs printing my own still.

For me it’s a bit of the thrill of the hunt, of shopping, searching for that rare title. It’s a hunting trip where I don’t have to gut anything, Ha!

Many times it’s done in the comfort of my home on eBay or Amazon.

Tuckets Travels

More fun options are…

  1. Going to the thrift stores when everything is half off. That is how I scored these today for less than $5. This option is usually the cheapest unless I can get to the Goodwill clearance bins where things are always about 50 cents

2. Antique Stores are also a lot of fun. There is one by my house with a ton of vendors so I quickly scan for old books. That is how I was able to score these two today for a total of $11. These are books on the Robinson List so I felt it was a good purchase.

3. Libraries often have great sales too. I always check out the for sale section and usually find something I have on my mental wish list.

4. Second hand book stores are fun and have everything categorized for you. Sometimes they have great clubs and promotions so check those out.

5. Last but certainly not least is Facebook groups. There are a TON of fb groups with great literature for sale such as “Reshelving Alexandria” and all the subgroups. Also homeschool curriculum groups and even Facebook marketplace can be a great place to find a certain book. I recently found a Saxon 2nd edition books I wanted.

So how about you? Where do you like to shop for books?


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