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Parent/Student Meetings

Prior to the start of a new homeschool year or reset in your school, I find it beneficial to have a parent/student meeting.

I remember the parent/teacher meetings growing up. My teachers would explain to my mother what expectations they had for me in the classroom, not knowing she didn’t speak any English.

Today with homeschooling we can cut the middle man out. Children do appreciate still, being told exactly what is expected of them. There is an excitement at the beginning of the school year and showing your enthusiasm as well for the new books or materials will go a long way.


Go over academic expectations. In our school children know they will be writing one page a day, either an essay, short story, or copy work I they are young. They know they will need to read 1-2 hours a day. They also know they will complete one lesson of Saxon Math first thing in the morning before they can move on to anything else.

I like to go over their fresh new binders and where I expect everything to go and how to check their work once completed.


We go over the routine or schedule. This is where I take some feedback as to how they want to structure their day. Do they want to get dressed first or after they have breakfast? I only have little children at this time who wake up at the crack of dawn, but I have heard the great advice of older children using an alarm clock to wake up to instead of mom. That way they are not dependent on mom and teaches personal responsibility.

This is also a good time to talk about chores and what their responsibilities are.


This is a great opportunity to discuss what their personal goals are. Do they want to learn how to knit? Do they want to play an instrument? This is where you can go over cost of materials, instruments and realize that making a commitment is not something to take lightly no matter the project. They need to count the cost, if it truly is worth the parents time and money. Brainstorm ways together to make their goal affordable, are there free online classes, can they do extra chores to “pay” parents back for registration fees on a sports activity. This can sound harsh, but then again we have a generation demanding free college. Nothing is free, someone Is paying for it and better to start early teaching personal responsibility. People also tend to value experiences and material things they had to work hard for, over given for free.

Perhaps your child would like to write a book, this would be a great time to discuss a goal of writing so many pages a day and having you as the accountability partner.


Parent/Student conferences are one of my favorite activities in resetting a new school year. You can make it as special as you want with maybe a special meal. I have seen people online make “Back to School Feast” for public and homeschoolers. Rituals and celebrations can have their place in creating a wonderful home and excitement for the new school year. It can be as simple as going to the dollar store and letting them pick our their new binder.

Do you have parent/student conferences? Let me know in the comments below!


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4 thoughts on “Parent/Student Meetings

  1. I always ask my kids what they did or didn’t like the previous school year. I talk to them about the curriculum choices I am looking at and narrow it down to a couple things and then let them pick. Btw…I loved the KJV only movie! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Do you use the vocabulary from Robinson Curriculum? I have gradually been implementing the idea of self teaching since last year when my oldest was in first grade. I have not purchased the CD-ROMs because I don’t have a computer with a disc drive nor a printer. I thought at first the Robinson curriculum was basically the book list and Saxon math (which I just have been getting the books from the library) but as I have continued to research about it, I realize now that it comes with vocabulary words, test, crossword puzzles etc which would be helpful. Do you use these things with your littles? My oldest just started 2nd grade and #2 is in kindergarten. Sorry for such a long comment!


    1. I actually filmed a video all about the vocabulary that should be up next week, perfect timing! I do use it and I made it non consumable, Ha! RC has an online version now where you don’t even need the CDs anymore, I actually prefer that format. I made a video about what is included, there is a lot of extras too. It should be on my RC YouTube playlist.


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