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How I Prep For the Week (RC Style)

In this video, I go through how easy it is to prepare for the next week of homeschooling with the Robinson Curriculum.

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6 thoughts on “How I Prep For the Week (RC Style)

    1. I haven’t had a chance to look at it much. I am currently reading aloud to them Grammar Land. I really like things I can just read to them lol. They do the spelling with the RC vocabulary on Quicket. I also like the Painless Grammar and Spelling books that have quick, fun, easy lessons.


      1. Thank you for all of your responses! I just found the Robinson Curriculum 2.2 on eBay so hopefully I won’t bother you much more with questions.


      2. It’s no bother at all, I love talking about RC! In fact I am going to start some live Q and A sessions. I’m working on that now so please sign up on my RC mailing list to let you know when we will start :)


      3. I am already on your mailing list. How do webinars work? I may be a blogger, but not very tech savvy. Lol. When did you start your kids on the RC booklist? My daughter is in 2nd grade and is about to go through Mcguffey second reader but feel like The Life of George Washington may go over her head. She is a good reader but not sure about her being able to comprehend the material. Vintage books are definitely more advanced in vocabulary.


      4. So funny, I just put out in my video today where I put the George Washington book. I put it after the other two Josephine Pollard books towards the beginning. My oldest is on her 15th book, I’d say in just over 3 years.


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