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What about Geography and Map Skills? Robinson Curriculum Series

“What about…” series! Today we focus on Geography and Map Skills. Does RC cover it? If so, how? If not, why? Answers below. Helpful Links follow–

Robinson Curriculum Video-

Free resources on my blog-



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2 thoughts on “What about Geography and Map Skills? Robinson Curriculum Series

  1. Great video! Geography is definitely a burden for me. I still don’t know my states, capitals and countries well at all. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to keep it simple and focus on the 3R’s. I just received my RC and am still reading the Course of Study.

    Could you do a video on copywork, spelling, handwriting, vocab? Like when do your littles do it (after math instead of writing an essay?) What do you use for copywork? Do you have spelling test? What age do you start on vocab? And do you have your kids learn to spell the vocab as their spelling words?

    My 7 year old is currently using Rod&Staff grammar book so I have her do that instead of writing but feel she should be practicing spelling or copywork as well but the grammar takes awhile to do. After an hour of Math and a grammar lesson, and an hour of reading, she seems too tired to do any vocabulary studying…not to mention cursive or spelling. So I am not sure how to balance teaching grammar vs teaching writing vs vocabulary vs phonics vs cursive handwriting? The Rod& Staff has her write a few sentences each lesson so I know it’s the beginning stages of writing but I haven’t been consistent with copywork because I am not exactly sure what she should be copying everyday. And if she needs copywork at all since she is doing the grammar lesson with a little writing in it. Sorry for the long rambling comment!


    1. Great comment, I will add this to my list of videos to record. Thank you! The course study is so important, I read it every year. Thank you for the video idea!


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