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Why Homeschool?

This August I participated in a virtual homeschooling collaboration where lots of moms shared various reasons why they homeschool.

Although unpleasant, I brought up a very serious motivator.

I hope you will look at all the videos on the playlist.

You can watch them all here. 


Why home school
in the first place?

Why home school? The opinion of experts…

Dr. Pat Montgomery, founder of the “Home-Based Education Program” in Ann Arbor, Michigan, summarizes her answers to the question, “Why home school?”:

  1. Parents, primarily, are responsible for the education of their children.
  2. Parents are consumers in the school marketplace and have the right, therefore, to control the process of education.
  3. Parents, students and teachers, those closest to the process, are most qualified to determine curriculum.
  4. Students have at least an equal say about how they will spend their time and what they will learn. Interests and abilities are the best guides for individualized learning.
  5. The practices of grading, testing and setting students in competition with other learners scarcely contribute to individual growth.
  6. A student learns best by doing, by being around adults who love him/her, by having good models to imitate, and by being exposed to all aspects of his/her world.
  7. The World is the classroom.



A major influencer in my life when I first had children, was John Taylor Gatto. He has some great books you can check out at the library.

Online resources here- 


Are you Smart enough?

If you can read this, then yes. Remember that bit above in the research section. It said: “Homeschoolers score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of education. (The research included parents who had not even finished high school, clear up to those who were certified teachers or who had a PhD.)”
And “Whether or not homeschool parents are certified teachers makes no difference to their children’s academic achievement. (Even without a certified teacher they continue to score far above average.) ”

People just like you (and probably some people not even as smart as you) are successfully homeschooling every day. And their children are learning more than they would in public school! Look up the research sites, and reassure yourself. You can do it!!! You ARE smart enough!

If you still think you aren’t smart enough, you may be interested in the Robinson self-teaching curriculum. (Learn a bit more about the curriculum here, or more about self-teaching, or self-learning, here.) Self-teaching works well, teaches children to love learning, and to seek out knowledge the rest of their lives. It also frees up a lot of the parent’s time. If you have more free time, then you can get your housework done while the kids are doing math, or reading. Then when you’re all done with your work for the day you can have some quality family time.
(Self-teaching still takes supervision from the parent, but it is a minimal amount of time and even parents working full time are able to fit it into their schedules. Of course, you can increase your amount of involvement, even with a self-teaching curriculum. Just do what feels right for your family.)  source


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