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The Controversial History of Saxon Math & Giveaways!

In this video we go over the controversial history of Saxon Math and a brief overview of John Saxon, who had a very interesting life! Comment on the actual youtube vdeo to enter the new giveaway!
Here are some videos of John Saxon to watch-


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4 thoughts on “The Controversial History of Saxon Math & Giveaways!

  1. I am loving your history videos. Thank you for doing this one in particular. I am going to do Saxon Math as soon as my kids are old enough per the Robinson Curriculum recommendation. I love how each lesson has a simple yet through explanation. I especially love how it’s so clean cut and straight to the point. Perfect for self teaching. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Saxon math for younger kiddos. I feel at times I push my kids too much too quickly and it ends up being a disaster. I know you did Life of Fred in the past and I tried it, thinking I was going to love it but it surprisingly didn’t work for my kiddos. I am glad to get back on track what the Robinson Curriculum recommends. Another suggestion is the EasyPeasy math workbooks. They seem to follow that spiral/ constant review style and are only $8.99 per a workbook for the whole 180 days of school. It has worked very well for us along with the flashcards. Please consider me in the giveaway. Thank you!


  2. Hi Karen! Love the videos! I was wondering have u ever read How to Live Like a King’s Kid by Harold Hill if so what are your thoughts on it? I haven’t read it I’m a new believer and am cautious of what I read or watch, but I have heard it is a good book.


    1. Hi Amber! No, I have not heard of it. I don’t read any commentaries or books about the Bible, we just read the Bible :). I have a video on my channel on how we do Bible Time at our house with the kids. Its very simple but very effective 🙂 You are very wise to be cautious!


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