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Language Arts for Littles

Recently a comment came in with some great questions!

Could you do a video on copywork, spelling, handwriting, vocab? Like when do your littles do it (after math instead of writing an essay?) What do you use for copywork? Do you have spelling test? What age do you start on vocab? And do you have your kids learn to spell the vocab as their spelling words?

As promised, here is that video. I go over not only what we do, but also another game plan I found in the RC group, that really anybody can do!

What we do:

For my children starting the RC program, we start the day with memorizing their math flashcards. In addition to the math flashcards, I find this book also really helps!

Addition the Fun Way!: A Picture Method of Learning the Addition Facts

After they have worked on math, then we move on to all the Language Arts things.

First we work on learning how to read. Everybody approaches this in their own way. For me, I use Alpha Phonics, go over the RC phonic flashcards, work on some sight word practice and then let them read to me for a little while.

After that I assign them some penmanship practice (using our non-conmable workbooks that I created (video here)

Then I assign them some copy work. The McGuffeys eclectic primer has some wonderful things for this. They start with little sentences and then they can work up to a little paragraph. There is also some vocabulary and spelling there if you would like to do a little more.

I also talked about a free resource that is excellent if you want a more structures language arts program called Language Lessons. You can find that here in my homeschooling free resource page under Language Arts.

That’s pretty much it for us.

If you are not doing the Robinson Curriculum, but looking for a great game plan for Kindergarten, I have something very affordable and wonderful for you.

This is a document I found floating around in an RC Facebook group. She has a 220 day game plan on learning how to read, what to write, and what else you should teach.

You can find that document here. The reading list alone is a great start!

What the video below for a more in depth look.


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