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Children’s Book Recommendations- Robinson Curriculum and More! MY FAVORITES

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite children’s books and also what my kids are currently reading. Links to some of the books below.

Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s to Help You Grow

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom

29 Book Set of Help Me Be Good By Joy Berry


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How To Use The McGuffey Readers

The next couple of videos are going to be on homeschooling and children’s book recommendations.

Today’s video is on the McGuffey’sReaders set and how to use them in a homeschool environment, as part of the Robinson Curriculum, or as a stand alone Reading Program.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

// Series (McGuffeys Eclectic Readers Series)

Parent Teacher Guide for Original McGuffey Readers

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Hi Friends!
Today I am joinging a homeschool collab hosted by A Simple Rugged Path.
Link to her video on this- CLICK HERE

To see the playlist with all the participating videos go here-

For more information on the book that provided the structure to my mornings click here- “The Miracle Morning” Click Here


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Making Math Fun Collab- Life of Fred and More!

I am joining a collad hosted byDina Peters from Creative Minds Homeschool.

To watch all the videos in this collab go here

You’ve heard me talk about Life of Fred often, but today I give you an actual look at 2 lessons from different books.

I also show you a fun book to make memorizing times table easier and well..more fun! Thanks to R Homeschool for the tip!

If you are interested you can purchase Life of Fred books here– (Note: This is an affiliate link. Should you choose to purchase through our link, we will receive a small comission at no additional cost to you. This helps keep this channel and blog going. Thank you for your support!)

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Homeschool Evaluation 2018 Open Collaboration

Yes, those are bread crumbs in my hair in case you were wondering, I’m keeping it real here. Time for a homeschool evaluation, feel free to join in.

Playlist where you can watch all the videos in the collaboration and upload your own-

Collab Host “Mommy and Mia Homeschool Chronicles” Channel-

10 Questions: 1. Have you met, come close to, or exceeded your homeschooling goals?

2. Assessing your homeschool curricula are you happy with the choices you’ve made? Why or why not?

3. Will you be introducing anything new into your homeschool?

4. Is there anything that you will take a pause from or discontinue doing altogether in your homeschool moving forward?

5. Old habits die hard, do you find yourself repeating old habits that are not productive for your homeschool? If yes how do you plan on eliminating this distraction?

6. Examining this current school year in what areas have you improved and strengthened?

7. What area in your homeschool may be lacking or needs improvement? What is your plan of action to make this area better?

8. Reviewing your planner did you over or under plan lessons and activities? If you have any issues how did you resolve it?

9. Using a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your homeschool?

10. What Words of Encouragement can you offer another fellow homeschooler?