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My Current FAVORITE things- I Love Tazza Bag/ BOOKS/ Ikea Products

I thought it would be fun to share my current favorites and include books like a book haul. Maybe something I was looking for, is something you also have and this could be helpful to you. Today I am sharing about my new tote bag that I LOVE. Sure it’s really a travel bag, BUT I needed a bag that I could also carry and keep my camera protected. Watch the video to see how I made it work.

Also sharing my current favorite books and Ikea products.

Share in the comments below, what are some of your favorites right now!

IKEA Products (Sorry could not find a link for the bowls)-

I Love Taza 2 in 2 Tote-

50 Famous Stories-

Four Naval Heroes-

Our Hero General U.S Grant-

Food Swings-

The Art of Screen Time-

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Sisters and Brothers

I am back on my goal to take pictures every day to improve my camera skills. I wanted to capture the friendship growing with these two sisters that are about 3 years apart. James (soon to be 4) was very upset he could not be in the picture. He asked me to take a picture of him by himself, but he wasn’t going to smile or be happy about it.  This little boy keeps me laughing all day I tell ya.


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Catch Me Here, There, Everywhere

Finally started my Karen’s Kultures little side gig. I’ve already been selling Scobys on Craigslist but this is more official. Website HERE. Youtube channel and first ridiculous video below  Maybe one day I will post the bloopers of all the dozen of times my kids interrupt.

I also announced the details for the next book club meet. This might be my last one, I don’t know. I have to see if I can still balance it all and keep up with everything in the home and my aggressive Bible Reading Goals. I really do love this club though! This is out last Tuttle Twins book until they hopefully create some more!

tutorial 004

My ebay profits have been funding my photography hobby now. I never thought I would be so excited to buy just lights…

tutorial 007tutorial 011

I told my husband now we can shoot the rest our soulwinning series even at night after the kids are asleep. It sure is BRIGHT. Now I need to buy a diffuser 🙂 I am reading up and will share soon the books that have really helped me learn the basics. I like how my friend V, uses her gifted abilities behind the camera to bless people who get baptized at church with pictures of the experience. I hope I can find a way to incorporate being a blessing to others as well with this camera. Besides videos, right now I also use it to take more artsy eBay photos ha! kombucha 024.JPG

I do want to film some kid spanish classes. Are you sick of me yet? I am. I am afraid I will tire people out from seeing my face.

The great thing about having a lot of kids is that I will have a business venture for each one of them to take over as a teen to make some side money from home (if they want to). I can see it already who is more interested in what.

I hope you have a great weekend! More painting for us this weekend.


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The Camera Drama and Payoff

The whole original camera purchase thing turned out to be the most craziest debacle. Heres what happened.

I ordered a Canon T3i- received a T6i by mistake.

Amazon says Keep it.

3rd Party seller says- Oh no, you better return it or else we come after you legally (this company was not so nice to say the least.) I try to be reasonable to pay the difference but they want an outrageous amount. The only way they will work with me is to schedule a Fed Ex pick up for me.

Amazon bad…we shouldn’t have told you to keep it. You have to return it.

Me- Come on..y’all both are messing with me. I already spent so much money on accessories for the T6i- and some things are not compatible with T3i…not to mention I am pretty strong on the gift illustration you don’t ask for it back LOL!

Amazon- Don’t worry we will find a way for you to keep the camera. Probably will pay the difference to the 3rd party. Will be in touch.

Me- Waiting confident in Amazon, buying more stuff for camera.

Amazon- Nope, sorry you have to return it after all, but here is a $100 credit.

Me-  imagesThat’s two times I was told keep it- then send it back.

Amazon says we will send you a new 6ti for the same money you paid for the 3Ti, then return the 3Ti.

I do, but when the additional amount was refund upon shipping, the customer service agent didn’t check off an important box and it triggered to stop my T6i purchase during shipping and returned it back to Amazon.

Me-a little mad at this point when I called back Amazon.

Amazon- made the weeks of back and forth drama right and sent me a brand new 6Ti for zero. I also got my money back for the original T3i purchase. Not only that but the new camera amazon sent  me, came with the 18-135 mm lens!


What an amazing happy ending thank God!! I am going to fully utilize this gift in any way I can to benefit my family and others.

One of best things I was able to purchase with my Ebay profits was a 50mm F1.8 lense.

Right now I am still teaching myself how to use it. I purchased the 50mm f1.4 to get that blury background look but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. The auto-focus was going crazy, I was thinking about returning it. I took so many shots of myself trying to get it and my daughter said, “Mom remember what Pastor Anderson said about taking so many selfies.” Ha! Ok so then I turned the camera on them. What helped me SO much was reading the reviews on the lens. A photographer wrote out what setting to use and I got it!

baby black and white

We had our own little photo shoot this morning. Some shots were good and some shots could qualify as Pinterest Photo Shoot fails ha!

The Good

The Bad

That amazon experience was a bit like the refiners fire- ha. But now I have an awesome payoff 🙂

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10 Year Wedding Anniversary

One of the things we did for our 10 year wedding anniversary was **tried* to take some nice pictures at South Mountain. We tried to re-create our wedding picture ha! “Scarcely had I passed them When I found him whom my soul loves. I held on to him and would not let him go” Song of Solomon 3:4


What a ten years it has been!

The biggest is that we bot got saved a few years in, got into hard Biblical preaching that re-structured and impacted our lives in a huge way. I can see how our lives would have played out, had it not been for those two things and I am so grateful to be where we are.

Has it always been easy, no of course not. I appreciate how our Pastor “keeps it real” that sometimes it can feel like a rollercoaster but through all the ups and downs, you grow closer, love and appreciate the other more.

I can honestly say this man has worked so hard to make all my dreams and wishes come true over the last decade. I am very blessed!

After these pictures we went to have a nice steak dinner. Well for us at least, the kids had nachos and wings 🙂 It was a smaller more intimate place and there was only about 3 other tables with guests at that time. We had a really nice time and when we asked for the bill the waitress said it was already taken care of anonymously. We were shocked!! We tried to scan the room and smile at everybody holding back just standing up and giving a public thank you. We asked to waitress to please thank the person for us and that they made our 10 year anniversary even more special and memorable. What a blessing!!

10yr anniversary 066

Here is a great sermon on marriage preached recently.