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Large Family Guide to Fun Places- USA Skateland, Chandler

I feel funny calling ourselves a large family because we ONLY have 6 kids. I know families with a lot more children and would consider them a large family. However, even with 6 kids, the cost of going to local fun venues can really add up quick. Check out my guide to stretching a buck while having fun below the video.

Our family purchases every year the POGO pass for our city and now it is combined with Tucson. We are planning a fun weekend to visit all the Tucson locations since it is a two-hour drive away. This weekend however we picked something close and something we had not done all year. Unfortunately we could not avoid it any longer..skating. The kids really have been dying to go and us parents dreading it. 2 parents with 6 kids that can’t skate is challenging but we made the best of it. Last time we went I was close to having Sophie so I actually got to skate today for the first time since I was 16 years old..and yeah you better believe I used one of those little kid things. I cringed seeing my kids fall, even with those safe guards but there is a big difference from them falling and me or Joe falling! We are no spruce chickens anymore and Joe has enough back problems as it is!

With the Pogo pass you can visit this place twice a month and this was our first time in a year so we have been missing out but for this stage in life..once a year is fun enough, ha! The Pogo pass covers the admission but you still have to pay the skate rental and for those bars to help you skate.

Here are my tips:

-Bring water, lots of water. You will get all hot and sweaty and the concession prices are not cheap there.

-Bring your own skates if you can. Try to find little kid skates at the Goodwill’s if you plan on going more often to save money.

I hope you enjoy the video to see what it’s like. We went on a Saturday during Family Skate time on a Saturday and it really wasn’t that busy. There was only one other birthday party. I did have fun making my laps and I had some close calls but I did NOT fall, yay!

When was the last time you went skating? Let me know in the comments below!

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My Black Friday Favorite Deals 2017- Shop From Home


Black Friday
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If you are wondering what is SUMO SALE, here is a video I made on the place, it’s very impressive!

JULEP Specials- My #1 Favorite Makeup from a former Korean SkinCare line.

Julep Black Friday

FREE compact on orders of $25 with CODE- REFLECT
GWP Reflect

The Tuttle Twin Books-

They are having an AMAZING SALE!55% off the combo pack. It’ll be $26.88 as opposed to $60 retail. Click HERE-



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Arizona Urban Gardening for Beginners- What to Plant and Ways to Save

If you live in the southwest, you know gardening can be challenging if you are a novice. When I lived in Georgia I just put some seeds in the grounds and without much of anything, stuff grew. Of course over there we had something we don’t see much of here which is RAIN. Gardening between late October and early March is nice here but hit March-September and there is not much motivation to hang around outside if it doesn’t involve a pool. You have to be dedicated, disciplined and most importantly have a game plan!

Enter “The Garden Guy” Dave Owen’s book with a month by month guide of EXACTLY what to do in this Arizona climate. This combined with this  documentary, I believe will be your key to success if you have no idea what you are doing.

The recommendations for November are:

-12 inch of soil and 1/2″ of peat moss

-5lb of rock phosphate

-5lb of blood meal per 100 sq feet

Flowers to plant in November that do well-



Lobelia (nice blue flowers!)


Shirley Poppies


Also buy some liquid seaweed or extreme juice.

Veggies that do well in the southwest during cool weather-

Swiss Chard



Wildflower Seeds



The Garden Guy: Seasonal Guide to Organic Gardening in the Desert Southwest (Outdoor and Nature)

Happy Gardening!

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Balancing Ebay and Home Life

In this video I share some tips on how to streamline the whole eBay process and make it work around a busy home life.

There are 3 main parts to eBay that include:

Sourcing- Finding things to sell.

Listing- Taking pictures and listing on Ebay.

Shipping- Packaging and sending out, items that have sold.

Here are my tips for each part and how I make it work while staying home and homeschooling with 6 children ages 10 and under.