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Tucson Family Vlog – POGO PASS VENUES

Pogo passes are a very affordable way our family of 8, can have fun all year long. For a one time fee, we get access to several fun locations, both in Phoenix AND Tucson, and many of them have a frequency as much as once per week. This is an amazing deal! We made a trip out of checking out some of the Tucson venues, such as the Wildlife Museum, Golf and Stuff, and Golden Pin Lanes. There is also a zip line place but we felt that would be too much in the heat, with all the kids.

If you would like more information and see if your city has a pogo pass you can click here…..

*Affiliate link. We have bought our passes the last 3 years and if you purchase using our code, we get a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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DD24-25 Tucson Edition

We had a fun trip to Tucson checking out some POGO pass venues.



We tried some audio books in the car but it wasn’t really working out. The kids each brought 2 books each and of course, they had to smuggle in “Bedtime for Francis.” In that hotel room, I finally heard how my husband reads it to the kids, and now I understand why it’s their favorite. I was cracking up along with them, my first time hearing it, their millionth!

Even though I read aloud to them so much, but leave it to dad to be the most memorable with this one book.


On this trip we did laser tag, bowling, putt putt, a museum and arcades..but my only request was a bookstore. This was my souvenir, love it!


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My Favorite Kid Venue in Phoenix

I no longer buy memberships for any one particular place, but if I did it would be for the IDEA museum in Mesa. We all LOVE that place. Maybe if we did go frequently it would loose it’s appeal, but with the POGO passes we get to go twice a year and we stay all day long (except to leave and have lunch).

Using our Pogo Passes and our free lunch coupons from the library reading program, meant a full fun day where I never had to break out my wallet!

If you are interested in checking out all the POGO pass venues and sports games you can go to, click here for my affiliate link. It should automatically give you the discounted price.

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Large Family Guide to Fun Places- USA Skateland, Chandler

I feel funny calling ourselves a large family because we ONLY have 6 kids. I know families with a lot more children and would consider them a large family. However, even with 6 kids, the cost of going to local fun venues can really add up quick. Check out my guide to stretching a buck while having fun below the video.

Our family purchases every year the POGO pass for our city and now it is combined with Tucson. We are planning a fun weekend to visit all the Tucson locations since it is a two-hour drive away. This weekend however we picked something close and something we had not done all year. Unfortunately we could not avoid it any longer..skating. The kids really have been dying to go and us parents dreading it. 2 parents with 6 kids that can’t skate is challenging but we made the best of it. Last time we went I was close to having Sophie so I actually got to skate today for the first time since I was 16 years old..and yeah you better believe I used one of those little kid things. I cringed seeing my kids fall, even with those safe guards but there is a big difference from them falling and me or Joe falling! We are no spruce chickens anymore and Joe has enough back problems as it is!

With the Pogo pass you can visit this place twice a month and this was our first time in a year so we have been missing out but for this stage in life..once a year is fun enough, ha! The Pogo pass covers the admission but you still have to pay the skate rental and for those bars to help you skate.

Here are my tips:

-Bring water, lots of water. You will get all hot and sweaty and the concession prices are not cheap there.

-Bring your own skates if you can. Try to find little kid skates at the Goodwill’s if you plan on going more often to save money.

I hope you enjoy the video to see what it’s like. We went on a Saturday during Family Skate time on a Saturday and it really wasn’t that busy. There was only one other birthday party. I did have fun making my laps and I had some close calls but I did NOT fall, yay!

When was the last time you went skating? Let me know in the comments below!

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